A vision

I desperately want to be the best person I can be. But I guess I’m not desperate enough. Or else I would change my ways… or else I would take steps to change my behavior. The problem is that I don’t know exactly what I want. Without direction, there can be no decisiveness and there can be no real motivation to change. Once I gather a clear vision, I’ll be able to have change my behavior for the better.



“Men eat the flesh of grass-fed and grain-fed animals, deer eat grass, centipedes find snakes tasty, and hawks and falcons relish mice. Of these four, which knows how food ought to taste? Monkeys pair with monkeys, deer go out with deer, and fish play around with fish. Men claim that Mao-ch’iang and Lady Li were beautiful, but if fish saw them they would dive to the bottom of the stream, if birds saw them they would fly away, and if deer saw them they would break into a run. Of these four, which knows how to fix the standard of beauty for the world? The way I see it, the rules of benevolence and righteousness and the paths of right and wrong are all hopelessly snarled and jumbled. How could I know anything about such discriminations?” –

The Zhuangzi