Working material

In any predicament, have before your eyes the case of other men who greeted a like crisis with indignation, astonishment, and outcry. Where are they now? Nowhere. Then why wish to follow their example? Rather. . . give all your attention to turning the event itself to some good account. In this way you will be making the best use of it, and it will serve you as working material. In every action let your self-approval be the sole aim both of your effort and of your intention; bearing in mind that the event itself which prompted your action is a thing of no consequence to either of them.

-Marcus Aurelius


An Investment

Each day I am attending to my needs so that I may look in the mirror and love every part of who I am. Why, for so long,  have I offered kindness to others but not to myself? This may seem like a such a simple concept to some people, but it has been hidden from me for my entire life.

I can’t believe I’m just now figuring it out–that it’s okay to be selfish, it’s okay to put my needs first in order to be happy. In fact, there’s no healthier way to spread happiness than by making myself happy first. Self-love…it’s a wise investment.

Hating who I am, while showing love to others. Does this reflect any kind of logic? I just must remember to be logical, be realistic. It’s not realistic to believe others’ needs are deemed more important than mine. I am a human being too. I deserve everything I so eagerly give to others. I do.


I am solely responsible for creating my own happiness in this moment. If I wait for good things to happen, I will be standing here, idle, for the rest of my life. Only by risking failure can I achieve success. I only wish I could abide by this philosophy every single minute of every day, but frequently I find myself in these idle circumstances–waiting for good instead of creating good.

The consequence: I end up feeling extremely victimized, extremely helpless, and extremely critical of others for not giving me what I want. When, instead, I should take it upon myself to fulfill my own needs in a healthy, productive, efficient way. And not by fishing for compliments, asking for attention, or victimizing myself to achieve a desired effect, to acquire a warm feeling that I can give myself right now instead of expecting others to provide me with it.