Therein is the secret of cheerfulness, of depending on no help from without and needing to crave from no man the boon of tranquility. We have to stand upright ourselves, not be set up. Marcus Aurelius

A straightforward, flawless, succinct recipe for happiness- one that works. One that I wish would surface into my life again. I miss cradling each moment, each second, and examining its dimensions, its character, the way it presents itself. I miss the beautiful, colorful lens of gratitude I saw the world through. I still do sometimes. Hardly ever anymore.

One realization that may be the most important lesson I’ve learned thus far is that happiness, true moment-to-moment happiness is achieved by disciplining your mind, through regarding a portion of your mind as a never-ending source of peace, a source that you can always retreat to, and also tend to. Care for. Reserve. Just for yourself.

But it must be defended, by strict discipline, during those moments when its contents are threatened by anxiety or sadness or anger from without, from external stimuli that trigger a detrimental emotional response. Practice, over time, leads me to unrivaled happiness. And the best part is that the source of my happiness is something that can’t be taken away by anyone or anything–good feeling does not depend on praise or money or food or attention, my peace relied solely on everything internal, everything in my control: my thoughts. If I control my thoughts, I’m capable of providing myself with self-sustaining, everlasting, and incomparable joy.


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When relationships culminate to nothing. When I give all of myself and end up losing myself.   How do I gain perspective, how do I regard failure as something other than a loss?